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The Union for Budget of India 2020–2021 was presented by the Finance Minister, NirmalaSitharaman on the 1st February 2020, as her second budget. This is the second budget of Narendra Modi led NDA government’s second term. Students of Faculty of MBA are expecting detailed knowledge about the budget. So on-line budget broad-casting session has been organised for presentation of Budget by the faculty of M.B.A.

Students learned following important contents from the Budget session. The central ideas of the Budget are – “Aspiration India, Economic development, A Caring Society.These three broad themes are connected by governance that is corruption free and a financial sector that is clean and sound.

Aspiration India:-Better standards of living with access to health, education and better jobs for all sections of the society.

Economic Development for all:-“Sabkasaath, SabkaVikas, SabkaVishwas”

Caring Society:-Corruption free, policy drove Good governance. Clean and sound financial sector.

The budding managers obtained detailed knowledge of the budget 2020-21.Also doubts of students were clarified through careful listening of the Budget session.All the students as a good civilian and mature citizen of India realized that how to maintain the cash flow for future business. Students also obtained a detailed knowledge about to start new business and what are the positive provisions were made by the Government of India. Students also obtained in depth knowledge about Indian Economy.Various topics such as Blue Economy, Kisan Rail, KrishiUddan,One product one District,Javik Kheti Portal, Zero budget, PM Kusum, Deen Dayal Antyoday Yojana etc. were discussed through this Budget session. Students obtained a new focus of knowledge through this Budget Session.

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