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Pharmacy is an in demand, high paying profession. Only B. Pharm degree does not suffice the ever changing demand of pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy profession. Master’s degree or specialization in the field of pharmaceutical sciences is must for brighter future. Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharmacy) in India is offered as post graduate course after completion of B.Pharm. degree. The M. Pharma course is normally of two years duration. As per the new Credit Based System of PCI, it is two semester (one year) theory and practical examinations and two full semesters for research work. The course focuses on specialisation in the field of pharmacy. The programmes are intended to give an immersive professional experience and an opportunity to acquire further competence either in one’s own discipline. At YSPM’s YTC, Faculty of Pharmacy, we offer you full-fledged M. Pharm. course in to two important fields of pharmacy education.

We offer you full-fledged M. Pharm. course in two important fields of pharmacy education.

  • M Pharm Pharmaceutics (Sanctioned intake: 15 students)
  • M Pharm Pharmacology (Sanctioned intake: 10 students)


With successful completion of this program one can find suitable career in areas such as R&D, F&D, Production, Quality assurance, Regulatory affairs, Clinical research organisations and Academics in institutes as well as in Universities

M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)

M. Pharm, Master of Pharmacy is a two-year postgraduate program in pharmacy. Master program in Pharmaceutics was started in the year of 2012 with an intake of 15 students. The Department of Pharmaceutics is well equipped for both teaching and research activities. The major focus of the department’s post graduate program is to provide students with a strong focus and training to prepare them for careers in academia, pharmaceutical industry, or research institutions. These degree offerings are intended to meet the high demand for professionals with broad-based training in pharmaceutical sciences.

We offer a training environment that includes the latest formulation laboratory instrumentation and technologies supervised by experienced teachers and dedicated staff.

The focused research areas of the department are

  1. Preformulation studies,
  2. Development of different pharmaceutical dosage forms including novel and nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems, 
  3. Evaluation of developed dosage forms with respect to various in vitro and in vivo parameters and
  4. Studying the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic aspects of the drug as well as its dosage forms.

A several research articles are published in reputed journals every year. The department has evident its importance in research activities and involved in IPR publications, granting process in the area of drug delivery.

M. Pharm. (Pharmacology)

The discipline of pharmacology deals with the study of drug’s mechanism of action, therapeutic effects, adverse effects, drug interactions etc. The Department of Pharmacology provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for conducting high quality research and teaching. Students enrolled in undergraduate degree are taught by the department in all the four years of their study. The knowledge derive from pharmacology can be used in “Pharmacy” to achieve optimal therapeutic outcome through preparation of appropriate formulation and dispensing of medicine. 

The department has well established animal house giving all the necessary care & facilities for hygienic housing of laboratory animals like Wistar rats, albino mice, guinea pigs etc. required for preclinical experiments. The research laboratory is well equipped with latest sophisticated instruments like digital video tracking system, copulatory arena, digital plethysmometer, clinical biochemical analyser, digital catalepsy bar apparatus, digital actophotometer, rota-rod apparatus, mazes (elevated plus maze, Y maze, radial arm maze), electric convulsometer, digital analgesiometer, with other routinely required instruments like digital student's organ bath and Kymograph etc, to give hands on experience in preclinical studies to the students. 

The major research areas of department include preclinical screening compounds for various activities like toxicological, neuropsychological, behavioral studies etc. The department has more than 50 research publications in national and international peer reviewed journals.

The scope of pharmacological training opens a wide range of employment opportunities to the pharmacy students in hospital and clinical pharmacy, academia, industry and government organization etc.

Overview of Post Graduate Department

Our mission is to nurture students with high quality education by providing state of the art learning environment and relevant exposure towards industry and R&D organization.

Course Name: Master of Pharmacy (M. PHARM.)

  1. Pharmaceutics
  2. Pharmacology

Programme Overview:

Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm) is offered as post graduate course after completion of B. Pharm. degree. The course focuses on specialization in the field of pharmacy. The college currently has M. Pharmacy course with two specialization subjects, Pharmaceutics & Pharmacology

Programme Duration:

The Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm.) degree course shall be of two years duration.

Admission Procedure:

Admissions to the Course shall be made as per the admission rules made by Govt. of Maharashtra from time to time as per the eligibility criterion mentioned.

Intake: 15- Pharmaceutics

             09- Pharmacology

Affiliations: Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is only in English. The course material is also in English.

Strength of Department

The program provides various opportunities to the students to participate in R & D projects and to develop the research skills. As college has CPCSEA approved Animal house facility, the M. Pharm. students also get exposure to work on the projects consisting of In-vivo animal studies.

Following are the thrust areas of research in Pharmaceutics

Development and evaluation of -

  • Multi-particulate Drug Delivery Systems
  • Sustained Release Dosage Forms
  • Immediate-release dosage forms
  • Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems 
  • Semisolid dosage forms
  • Quality by design approach in formulation development
  • Microspheres
  • Nanopharmaceuticals (nanoparticles, Polymeric micelles, SNEDDs, solid lipid nanoparticles, etc).


Following are the thrust areas of research in Pharmacology

  • The activities of the department of Pharmacology are to understand, describe and teach the therapeutic actions as well as side effects of medicines in Human. The department trains the future health care professionals and qualified persons for pharmaceutical research.
  • Demonstration of pharmacological activity in an animal for the justification of testing the drug in man.
  • The Pharmacotoxicology Laboratory mainly conducts drug and toxic research.
  • The Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory is able to perform studies on isolated organs (bronchial reactivity), in vitro studies (platelet aggregation, tissue fixation of medicines), whole animal studies (plethysmography, experimental thrombosis, obese or diabetic rat models), as well as the development and undertaking of drug quantification.
  • Assessment of the adverse drug reactions reports
  • Conducts research studies on methodology in pharmacovigilance, on the nature and mechanisms of adverse drug reactions


  • Promotion of human health through developing solutions for evolving healthcare challenges
  • Emerge as an Aspirational Learning Institute for Grooming Youth to be Competent and Society Caring Pharmacy Professionals


  • Impart student centric quality education for Pharmaceutical sciences and Societal Healthcare
  • Impart learning environment to encourage development of technical and interpersonal skills, independent thinking and research excellence
  • Acquire the practical skills essential for small and medium scale manufacture of pharmaceutical products in the laboratory.
  • Contribute to the quest of knowledge by contributing meaningfully in the area of pharmaceutical research.
  • Develop world class pharmacy professionals with capabilities and competencies to meet the national pharmaceutical challenges and patient care needs.

HOD’s Desk

(Department of Pharmaceutics)

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Pharmaceutics.  Department of Pharmaceutics is working very hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve excellence in the field of Pharmaceutical Research and development and to provide the highly skilled Professionals in the service of Nation. In the course curriculum we are giving hands-on experience on various sophisticated equipments and instruments which helps in building research abilities amongst students. Additionally  we are assigning industrial projects to the students so that they can get exposure to work in Pharmaceutical industry.

A large number of our brilliant students have been recruited in various Multinational Pharmaceutical R&D and F&Ds. Thus we are confident that our Pharma professionals will emerge as assets not only to this institution and to the organization they belong, but also to the country at large.

Dr. Prakash Dilip Jadhav

M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics) Ph. D.

Head of Department of Pharmaceutics

YSPM’s, Yashoda Technical Campus,

Faculty of Pharmacy, Wadhe, Satara

HOD’s Desk

(Department of Pharmacology)

Welcome to the faculty of Pharmacy YTC Group of Institutions which was established in 2011 by Yashoda Shikshan Prasarak Mandal with the vision to provide quality pharmacy education to students. During the past 10 years the college has made notable contributions towards building professional skills of pharmacy focusing on community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy & industrial pharmacy. Rapid progress have been made by the college in achieving its mission to strengthen, sustain and professionalize pharmacy knowledge through creative research, teaching and learning by integrating with organizations, institutions and universities. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the Faculty of Pharmacy is being constantly ranked as one of the top pharmacy colleges of the country. It is reflected by the excellent placement record of the college.

It is the only College of its kind which imparts Pharmacy Education with in-depth focus, along with development of personality and communication skills. To make the students competitive and at par with their counterparts, we have well-equipped laboratories and excellent infrastructure. Pharmacy has expanded immensely and there are a lot of opportunities in Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Drug Regulatory affairs, Nanotechnology, Drug Discovery, Molecular Biology, Phytochemistry and so on.

As we strive for excellence in what we do, the college is constantly making endeavors to scale new heights by developing synergy between graduate studies, research programs & pharmaceutical industry. Such a holistic approach would contribute towards continuous growth of the college.

Dr. Vitthal Chaware

M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) Ph. D.

Head of Department of Pharmacology

YSPM’s, Yashoda Technical Campus,

Faculty of Pharmacy, Wadhe, Satara

Dr. Vitthal Chaware

M. Pharm  Ph.D

Experience 19 yrs

Dr. Prakash Jadhav

M Pharm Ph.D. 

Experience 15 yrs

Mr. Atish Velhal

M Pharm Ph.D. 

Experience 11 yrs

Infrastructure and Facilities

Yashoda Technical Campus, Faculty of Pharmacy, Satara spread over 10 acres; YTC, Satara is well endowed in terms of physical infrastructure. A lush green campus, aesthetically designed infrastructure, well-furnished and spacious academic infrastructure and sports facilities and a comfortable residential facility for staff and well-furnished hostel for students. YTC, Satara provides an eco-friendly and aesthetic environment for teaching and learning.

The infrastructure of the Campus includes Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Library, and Office Space for Faculties, Seminar Halls, Conference Halls, Auditorium and infrastructure for Sports & Extra Curricular activities etc. All the classrooms are spacious, well illuminated and equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia teaching aids. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The college has developed a first-rate fully air-conditioned library with internet facility for the students and equipped with National and International journals.

To cater to its future growth, additional infrastructural development for research is underway.


The College has separate hostels for girls and boys with round the clock security arrangements; each hostel has separate dining rooms, recreation rooms and study rooms.

Transport Services

The College has its own fleet of over 7 buses that ply on several routes across Satara and its neighbouring areas, serving both students and staff. Bus facilities are also available to hostellers for visits to the city. Students are charged on the basis of actual.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for seminars and medical professional members to talk and deliver lectures to the students of our college to provide them with a better and closer insight into the working of their different fields. These conferences and lectures not only provide the students with first-hand information about the working of various fields but also give them an opportunity to get their doubts cleared by asking questions from our guests. The guests initially deliver their lecture telling the students about their work, the challenges they face, the difficulties they overcome and so on, and after that the students are given an opportunity to ask questions and clear their doubts if any.

Play Grounds

The College provides all kinds of sports activities and encourages students to take part in games and to ensure their all-round development. All facilities and playgrounds are available for Basket Ball, VolleyBall, Foot Ball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Badminton etc.

Pharmaceutics Laboratories

Pharmaceutics department has two research laboratories for PG Pharmaceutics and separate sophisticated centralized instrumentation laboratory. The major instruments available in the department are Dissolution test apparatus, FTIR, HPLC, UV Double beam spectrophotometer, Ultradigital Sonicator, Rheometer, Brookfield’s Viscometer, KBR Press, Humidity Chamber, High speed homogenizer, Mechanical stirrer, Probe sonicator, Bulk density apparatus, Tablet punching machine, Disintegration tester, Stability chamber.

The department also has well organized Machine Room that can provide hands-on experience on pilot scale pharmaceutical process equipment. Machine room is designed to acquire skills in learning the manufacture of various solid, liquid and semi solid formulations. The Machine room is equipped with rotary tablet press, tray drier, tablet polishing pan, single punch machine, friability  apparatus, ampoule filling and sealing machine, ampoule washing machine, collapsible tube sealing machine, capsule filling machine, hand grinding mill, bottle washing machine, ointment filling machine etc.

Pharmacology Laboratories

Pharmacology department has two separate laboratories for UG and PG. The department has animal house as per the guidelines of CPCSA. The equipment available in the department includes physiograph, plethismometer, analgesiometer, electroconvulsometer, histamine chamber, actophotometer ,clinical biochemical analyser, catalepsy bar apparatus, digital actophotometer, rota-rod apparatus, mazes (elevated plus maze, Y maze, radial arm maze), digital analgesiometer etc

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16 Students of M. Pharm. Pharmacology Attended International Conference

10th International Conference of Laboratory Animal Scientists’ Association (LASA), India

on “Animal Models for One Health Programme: Challenges and Future Perspectives” was held on 3rd & 4th June 2022 at Auditorium, ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management(NAARM), Rajendranagar Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This conference was jointly organized By National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB), Hyderabad, ICMR - National Animal Resource Facility for Biomedical Research (NARFBR), Hyderabad. Our 16 students of M. Pharm. Pharmacology attended this conference. During conference, renowned speakers delivered talks on various topics. Various companies and institutions have presented their products, services, innovations and research results.  Students expressed gratitude towards Respected Principal and Honorable Management for giving permission to attend conference. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with different organizations

  1. Civil Hospital, Satara: To provide training and internship to the students of B. Pharmacy

and M. Pharmacy to collaborate for clinical research and CSR activities. To exchange experts to deliver guest lectures or conduct workshops.

  • Medispray Laboratories, Satara, Maharashtra: To provide training and internship to the students of B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy in industrial set-up.
  • Delnova Healthcare, Thane , Maharashtra: An agreement to promote research and development as well as conversion of laboratory research into improved health care products.
  • Insta Vision, Satara , Maharashtra : To provide training and internship to the students of B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy students and exchange experts to deliver guest lectures.
  • Collaboration with Onco-Life Cancer Hospital Centre, Satara, for providing hospital facilities and drug information centre and patient counseling to the students of Pharmacy Course.
  • Collaboration with The Ayurvedeeya Arkshala Ltd, Satara, Maharashtra to provide research facilities to the students of B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy

Programme Education Objectives


Use modern tools and techniques to model and demonstrate pharmaceutical concepts for industrial applications and healthcare.


Enhance ability to identify and analyze problems and reach a conclusion using rational scientific methods wherever necessary.


Imbibe ability to work independently and in a team in multi Disciplinary settings of Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, academia and research.


Inculcate ethical practices, environmental concerns, ability to communicate effectively and be independent life-long learners in quest for satisfaction.


Empower and sensitize the Pharmacy professionals to achieve excellence in field of Pharmaceutical Research and development and to provide the highly skilled Professionals in the service of Nation.

Research and Consultancy

Faculty member of the institution in their respective field provided consultancy to the research students, local pharmaceutical & cosmetic manufacturers. 

Institutes provides service for

1. Facilities for preclinical and pharmacological studies

2. UV Analysis for drugs & chemicals (Assay).

3. HPLC Analysis for drugs & chemicals (Assay).

4. FTIR Analysis for drugs & chemicals.

5. Microbiological test.

6. Rheological Behavior

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Contact Us

  • Dr. Prakash Dilip Jadhav

M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

Mob no. +91-9011087378


  • Dr. Vitthal Chaware

M. Pharmacy (Pharmacology)

Mob no. +91-9881390406


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