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The college is doing career counseling in a way that it creates awareness and also motivates the students to select the better career. Counseling refers to the process of helping students by providing guidance, moral support, and exploring solutions for the problems being faced. “Counseling” is usually associated with a professional helping out a student in need. Career Counseling is a process that focuses on helping one understand one’s own self, as well as work trends, so that one can take an informed decision about career and education. Career Counseling helps to manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement between parents and children on which career to choose. Every year Yashoda Technical Campus provides free career counseling to all the students who are desirous in taking admission to various stream of technical education. Each student is personally attended by faculty members and are provided guidance in selecting course which favors their capabilities. Besides the above, various career guidance seminars are arranged periodically to guide the students in choosing the right career options.

Sr. No. Particular Year No of students enrolled Name of agencies involved with contact details
1 Career Guidance 2012-13 42

Prof. Sudhir Sasane

Talani Institute,

Talegao Dist. Pune.

Mobile: 8975525347

2 Share market in India 2012-13 25 Mr. Vivek Shinde
3 Career Guidance 2013-14 65

Vijay Yewale

Ex. Principal, Madhuji College,

Phaltan Cell:  07709934412

4 Six sigma and Career its significance 2013-14 24

Mr. Abhijit Dhanraj

(Chairperson, SAVH Technology, Pune)

5 Capital Marketing 2013-14 24 Mr. Vikas Shinde
6 Education about AMCAT (T&P) 2013-14 25

Mr. Saurabh Mishra

(CRM of Aspiring Minds)

7 Global carrier 2013-14 33

Dr. Sushil Sharma,

Asso. Dean, Prof. in Information System, Pune

8 Carrier in Abroad 2013-14 42

Mr. Sudhir Sasane,

Researcher, Grk MiSAMA,

University of Rostock

9 Career Guidance


2014-15 97

Prof. Tushar Shende, Satara.

Cell: 8007172000

10 Career Guidance


2014-15 52

Mr. Alok Polake

Sakla Developers, Pune.

Cell: 9890152111

11 One Day Workshop



2014-15 68

Mr. Atul Shirgaonkar

Insight Professional Management

Academy, Pune

Tel: 020-25368620


12 One Day Workshop



2014-15 58

Mr. Kedar Suvernapathki and Team,

Manage, Clinical Safety,

Boerheinger Ingelheim, India

Mobile: 9870117746

Email: kedar.suvarnapathaki@

13 Investors awareness program 2014-15 24

Mr. Mohan Raut

Mr. Dharmendra Pawar

14 Entrepreneurship development 2015-16 42

Mr. Ramesh. R. Ohal

Mobile: +91 94 23 260154

15 Career Guidance 2015-16 56

Prof. Tushar Shende, Satara.

Cell: 8007172000

16 Industrial awareness 2015-16 47

Mr. Suhel Bagwan,

Inventive Infotech, Satara

17 Career counseling 2016-17 59

Mr. Rahul Londhe,

Business Executive,

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Pune


18 Career counseling 2016-17 13

Mr. Braj Jha

Mr. Sanjay Kamble,

IDP education, Pune.

19 Career Guidance 2016-17 34

Secret of Success

Prashant Puppal

Envero-bulk Handiling Pvt.

Cell. 9730079896

20 Career Guidance 2016-17 78

Mr. Umesh Dhende

Deputy Manager

Kirlosakar oil engine Ltd

Cell. 9503234248

21 Career Guidance 2016-17 62

Mr. Braj Bhushan Jha,

Manager USA IDP Education India Private Limited Email.

21 Carrier Guidance 2016-17 14

Mr. Shende T. V., TPO, YTC Satara

Mobile: 08007172000


22 Carrier Guidance 2016-17 14

Braj Bhushan Jha,

Manager, USA IDP education India Pvt. Ltd.