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Welcome to the Yashoda Technical Campus (YTC),Satara’s, MBA program.

The program was introduced on June-July, 2011 we have come a long way from its small beginning and today it is acknowledged as one of the best institutions in the Satara.

The Institute’s activities are guided by its vision, overall mission which have been decided by its faculty through a participative process.

Our students are admitted through DTE MH-CET CAP round.  Learning beyond the classroom is of equal importance in YTC. Our students are encouraged to participate in various competitions, sports and cultural activities. We prefer student centric activities to explore the budding managers.

Research is at the heart of our intellectual activities. It helps us to create and update our intellectual capital. The field of management is undergoing a very rapid rate of change. There is hardly another field of education that has to cope with a comparable level of change as does the field of management. The Program offers an opportunity to engage in quality research.

At YTC Satara, we create opportunities for doing research. We deliver practical knowledge and application of management concepts by organizing more industry visits and guest lectures by different field experts. YTC Satara is committed to educating students with outstanding capabilities to enable them to develop strong analytical foundation and ability to apply management concepts, frameworks, tools and techniques to real life problems of industry and other sectors of the economy.

The Program aims to prepare students for careers in teaching and research in management studies and in related disciplines, and for careers in the government, in industry, and in other organizations that require advanced analytical and research capabilities. The coursework and project that are a part of this program can be pursued in various areas of management — economics, finance, HRM, Marketing management, strategic management, management information systems, operations management, etc.

We have an excellent faculty having rich experience in teaching. Many of our faculty members are active researchers. A large number of faculty members attend seminars, workshops and national conferences every year to present research papers.

We at YTC, Satara are very proud of the products of our MBA program. Many of our MBA postgraduate alumni are currently working in well-known firms in positions that require advanced skill. We aim to provide our students the best possible academic environment in order to help them produce academically sound, analytically rigorous and innovative research that would be managerially relevant. We have been continuously striving to strengthen the program to promote high quality managers and researchers in India.

Mr. Randhirsinh D Mohite

HOD, Faculty of MBA,

Yashoda Technical Campus, Satara